Saturday, November 29, 2014

First Indie Android Game : Nest The Egg !

More than a year without a Blog entry! I have been super busy at work. Mumbai traveling has taken its toll on me which leaves hardly any time during weekdays leaving only weekends for some experiments. 

Me & my good old pal Krishna, decided to have a go at an Android game development at least once. Tools of trade were chosen, idea was finalized & we decided to keep it weekend only activity. There was no monetary goal kept in mind. Obviously, even working on Sundays was considered a bonus. All in all it was Saturday only activity. 

Nest The Egg, game icon!
We started prototyping our idea using Unity game engine. It was a no brainer choice considering the amount of time we had, the game idea itself, industry trend & amount of forum support it provided. Prototype was done in just one sitting over a weekend. Prototype consisted of simple sphere rolling on a plane using device's gyrometer, there were few additions to it, but again the main proto was achieved. 

After which followed, lots of brainstorming on what can be done, the game mechanic, rules, winning & losing conditions etc. Every brainstorming activity showed us how dependent we are on art content & how much we will be missing having dedicated artist at our arsenal. Soon we discovered Unity asset store! But being extremely low budget self exploring title, we chose to use only Free Assets from the store. The game theme was bit modified to suit the color theme that of all the assets. 

Level selection menu...

Egg in action .. again!

Another problem we had to tackle was distributed development! It was not always possible to sit together for work, so we decided to setup an online bitbucket repository for source control. After few initial hiccups, things started rolling smoothly. 

rolling egg in action ...
It took us both of us around 12-15 working days ( spanned over 3 months, as we worked only on saturday!) to finish the final product. All in all it was a nice experience finishing the game. We got assistance from lot of our old friends during development. Naresh das provided the game icon. My brother & some of Krishna's family member along with my old pals at EA gave us valuable feedbacks during the beta phase. 

Power inventory screen...
Victory screen...
Of course, we do know that quality of the game could have been even better, but we just wanted to have a go & understand the whole process once.

The game released on 27th September 2014 on Google play Store. You can download the same at :

Please feel free to share your comments & rate the game. 


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