Saturday, November 29, 2014

DirectX & OpenGL tutorials

As a beginner I faced lots of problems when learning new APIs such as DirectX & OpenGL. DirectX however, was easy to grasp due to relatively easy to find information & decent documentation. I do not want to get into any debate of which one you should learn first as a beginner. I was exposed to DirectX, hence I went that way.

However, I would also like to emphasize how equally important it is to know about both the APIs. Yes, there are differences, but in this world of cross-platform, it is always advisable to know both of them. 

Just to assist anyone out there a bit, there are already tons of tutorials out there for both of these APIs. 

For OpenGL, I would highly recommend :

For DirectX, I would recommend :

Of course, each one of us have their own preferences too, so please feel free to add in the comment sections. The one I have mentioned, I found them to be quick to get started with types. 

Oh, and btw, here are the links to the my Bitbucket repositories for DirectX & OpenGL step by step code.

DirectX Repository :

OpenGL Repository :



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