Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lighting Models

Last post took care of some of the revision of Basic Shader stuff on which I lost touch due to extreme crunch times at work & obviously hell lotsa Gaming! Somehow I always that instead of covering these topics at random, more systematic approach will suffice. So, I decided to dedicate a post completely on Various Lighting Models that exists in Computer Graphcis. Obviously, being noob as I am in Shader Programming, covering all the lighting models is next to impossible, but definitely, I will be posting some of the basic & advanced lighting models.

The various lighting models am planning to cover are :

  • Lambertian Lighting Model
  • Phong Lighting Model
  • Cook-Torrence Lighting Model
  • Oren-Nayar Lighting Model
  • Minneart Lighting Model
  • Wards Anisotropic Lighting Model
  • Non Photo Realistic Lighting ( NPR )

Lambertian Lighting Model :

Phong Lighting Model :

Cook Torrence Lighting Model : 

Referred to the White Paper by North Carolina University

Oren Nayar Lighting Model

Reference :

Books :

Physically Based Rendering by Morgan Kauffman (Its a treat for any Math Lover)

Minneart Lighting Model

Ward's Isotropic Lighting Model :

Ward's Anisotropic Lighting Model :

NPR Lighting :

 P.S : Shader Code for all the lighting models above is available on request :)

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